Our Services

At Phillips & Associates, we provide our clients with a full range of geotechnical consulting services, including:

  • Site investigation, characterization and preparation
  • Preparation of Geotechnical Reports
  • Foundation design for every building type including shallow foundations, underpinning and foundation remediation, deep foundations and specialized foundations (micro and macro pile design, and seismic anchor design)
  • Excavation and shoring system design, including, soldier pile, sheet pile, lock block retaining walls, shotcrete tied back with grouted soil anchors, jet grouting, secant walls, structurally braced shoring systems
  • Pavement design and evaluation
  • Preparation of Erosion and Sediment control drawings
  • Retaining wall design, including; Geogrid reinforced MSE walls, Gravity retaining walls (reinforced concrete), Modular block wall systems (SRW) such as Allan Block, Keystone Block, Reinforced soils slopes (RSS), such as Sierra Slope, Permanent solid nail walls, Cantilever pile walls
  • Slope stability and landslide analysis and assessment
  • Storm water management design
  • Construction quality assurance and quality control geotechnical services
  • Preload design